Ref: Heart Sounds
  1. Auscultation sites
  2. Auscultation order
  3. Heart sounds: S1, S2, splitting
  4. Added sounds: S3, S4, opening snap, systolic click
  5. Murmurs: general considerations, grading
Auscultation sites

Auscultation sites

Auscultation order
1st heart sound
2nd heart sound
3rd heart sound
4th heart sound
Opening snap
Systolic click
Murmurs: general considerations
Murmurs: grading

Graded on scale of 1 to 6.

  1. Only cardiologist can hear.
  2. Trained doctor can hear.
  3. Student can hear. No thrill.
  4. Thrill barely palpable.
  5. Thrill easily palpable.
  6. Can hear murmur by being in the room without a stethoscope.